Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Goings On Over the Bike Tour

I'm still coming off my Mt. St Helens High.

Alex did a full on report here. It's a good write-up and Alex is a master photographer, look at this beauty:

Mad picture skilz. Mad.

Many times on this route I thought of David Blaine, who is looking to race the GDR. To stay in the game, racers must do about 100 miles a day. On steep mountain dirt roads, 100 miles day after day is a huge amount of dedication and intensity. We did some 20+ mile stretches on dirt/sand/rocky roads and it's slow going, especially loaded down with supplies. My helmet is off to anyone who finishes the GDR.

Speaking of Mr. Blaine: Tonight is the Midnight Century. Meet at 11:45 at the Elk for a night time ride. My buddy Joe and I will be going -- no word yet on whether we'll see it through to the end. I figure if I ride the 100 miles, I'll be home at 8am; Liza works at 9 and I'm on Maddie duty all day. So I may do a half-century so I can get a bit of sleep and not be Mr Grump the boring mean dad tomorrow.

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