Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Visit with Kent Peterson

My birthday was yesterday. Kent Peterson was in town. I had a gathering with a bunch of bike nerds, advocates, riders, etc. It was fun. There are some photos on Kent's blog post from yesterday.

Kent is doing a tour of Washington over the next two weeks for his BAW job. How's that for a day job? Dang. I thought I had it good; Kent's getting paid to go cycle around the state and chat bike stuff with the locals he meets.

Anyway, in Spokane, a couple local papers interviewed Kent, one local paper sent a photographer, which was fun. I brought Kent down to a local Rocket Market to talk to David Blaine about the GDR. On the way, the photographer followed us in his car taking photos. To make sure he got good action shots, I got a flat tire on the way down Bernard. Luckily, we had to make a stop a BAB-members house about a block away, so while Kent and Bradley chatted and photo'd, I changed the tire.

Kent and I made it just barely a couple minutes late for his meeting with David... then the photographer took off. I hope I can view those pics. The guy was driving down the road while holding a big ass camera out and taking shots.

After Kent and David chatted for an hour or so, Kent wanted to visit a local bike shop before heading off to Walla Walla. We went to Two Wheel Transit where Kent and Jordan talked for a few minutes about what folks are buying these days.

From there, I rode with Kent to get him on to 195. As we went through Vinegar Flats it struck me that he would probably dig taking Fish Lake Trail. The BAW folks are pretty involved in getting the trail finished, so he was happy to be able to ride it. Since the trail mostly parallels 195 and is about 1000% more pleasant to ride on, it was a no-brainer. We rode up Thorpe and I got him on the trail and we said our good-byes.

It was a quick 24 hours...

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