Monday, October 1, 2007

It's Fall

Seems like just a couple weeks ago we were dying of heat and I was tooling around in short-sleeve shirts at all hours of the day. Now it's consistently chilly and wet and the trees are turning. It's great.

Since Liza built up her RB-1, she's not ridden her favorite bike much. She rode it this morning. After riding a couple blocks and banging down the notoriously roughed up 26th Ave, she remarked, "this bike would be so great with 650B's..." It's a drug. Take a well-made, smart bike and put poofy tires on it, and riding is so much more enjoyable.

Last week on the way to school, we noticed that this tree had suddenly changed colors. Liza is really into fall leaves. (And quails.) She wanted a picture. Maddie jumped off the tandem and there we have it: The Fall 07 Portrait.

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