Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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For some reason, I've gotten a bit grumpy and sad about two bikes that I've let go in the past. The most likely explanation is that Liza and Maddie have been gone for nearly a week now and their absence is no longer novel and fun. It's just lame.

Anyway. I was at Wheelsport Central last week picking up some donated parts for Pedals 2 People when I saw my favorite Stumpjumper: the 1985 orange one... with canti brakes on the rear (instead of U-brakes). My heart skipped a beat when I saw it because I thought it was mine. Mike (Sully to those that know him) assured me that the customer that brought it in was the original owner and decent guy, so I didn't want to insult him by taking down the serial number -- after all he's donating a bunch of stuff.
(btw: I know this bike is on craigslist now... that's part of the painful deal. no need to point it out)

But it stuck with me and I've been thinking of that damn bike for the last couple days and how stupid I was to leave it in my parent's back yard and how lame bike thieves are and what kind of jackass would steal such a weird looking bike and if the jackass did know how special the bike was and still stole it what a king of jackasses that person must be.

Click pic for big. Or click here or here for more pics.

The other bike is the Bridgestone Atlantis. My buddy Joe found it at Goodwill a couple years ago. If you know the Bridgestone Atlantis story (only made in Japan, only 300 made, etc etc), then you know how special this bike is.

We flipped it online the same day we bought it. The lady who bought it was nice, but new to great bikes and ended up taking her LBS's advice to kit it out with a bunch of carbon bits. That sort of broke my heart then, but now, with time the fact that we let it go and its ultimate build out makes me sort of barfy feeling. Really.

What's ironic and crappy about the Bridgestone Atlantis is that it fit Liza perfectly but she just wasn't there yet. We've just spent a bunch of fussing and money building up essentially the same bike with Liza's RB-1.

Oh well.


bleckb said...

So they have a single speed at the bike shop? How many of those can there be? I see why you might be wondering.

Jim G said...

What about the black '85 Stumpy Sport frameset I sent ya -- you still got that?

Unknown said...

I picked up a Bridgestone Atlantis from a friend who used to live in Japan about a month ago.
Here are some pics of it:http://picasaweb.google.com/100062156430961581353/BridgestoneAtlantis?feat=directlink

I've been hoping to fix it up a bit(I just got the handlebar and brake levers) and ride it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have your Bridgestone Atlantis and would be willing to sell it back to you. Thing is, my bike guru has the parts and needs to be reminded which OEM brakes, derailleurs, what other gear to look for in his boxes of parts. I suppose your pix would help with that. I'm about to start bike commuting and think I'd rather have an Electra.

keith said...

Hello! I had same Atlantis when I was 15years old.

If you would like to sell to me let me know.

Thank you.