Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Sunrace Sturmy Archer ASC -- Maybe it's not vaporware?

(This image sniped from Sheldon's ASC technical page)

I just got this email from the folks at Sunrace:

Hello Everyone,

I would first like to thank everyone for their interest in our upcoming remake of the ASC. As we grow closer to production I will be posing questions on our blog regarding what you would like to see in the final production model.

The first question is regarding the acceptable amount of backlash in the hub. Meaning the amount of slack there is before engagement. The original was quite sloppy in this regard but we are interested in your opinion. The question is up now in the form of a poll and if you have a minute and could head over to the blog and add your 2 cents I would greatly appreciate it!

David Prosser
Sunrace Sturmey Archer
3212 Jefferson Street #409
Napa, CA 94558

The ASC was Sturmy-Archer's 3-spd fixed gear internal hub. Oh. The holy grail.

He says, "As we grow closer to production..." so it's still on the drawing board. Hopefully next spring or so? Or is it a year away, to ship on '09 bikes?

So there's that. I wonder how much it will cost? Will they ship with multiple OLD's? Hopefully they'll have a 120mm, a 128mm, and a 132.5mm version. Assuming it's not crazy expensive, I'll buy one and make it work on my Trek 720.

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Bill Gibson said...

Hi John; I used to live in Spokane, just across the river from Mission Park and the railroad tracks. I will always love Spokane. Thank you for taking care of it!

As to the ASC; I hope they make it and it finds a market, but I dream of an ASC that also has a "free" selection. Imagine: fixed, free, and three! ;-)