Monday, December 3, 2007

Beer and Snow

I hadn't planned on going out Saturday night. But at about 4pm, the opportunity presented itself and it turned out to be a great night of beering and riding.

Jeff, of FBC-fame, and Joe, of Joe's Coffee Fame, and I, of no fame, ended up riding in that once-a-year snowfall.

It seems that once a year you get a perfect night where the snow is just dumping down and it's peaceful and quiet and great for romping around. As we tooled around town and bounced between different watering holes, I kept thinking of the nights when I was a kid and my buddy Adam and I would go out late at night and go sledding at Manito on these kinds of nights. There's something about these nights, where the sky glows with snow and it's not too cold and you're outside and your bundled up and your doing stuff. They are a once-a-year treat and one reason that I could never live in a place that didn't snow.

Saturday was a great night. The highlight for me was riding down Lincoln -- from 14th to 3rd; I love that hill, but in the snow, at night, with no traffic, it's just so fun. With gobs of trail, Liza's snow bike is ideal for bombing down the south hill: just sit back and relax.

By the time we got to riding up the hill it was about 1AM and had been snowing steadily all night. And we had been drinking beers steadily all night, so the hill was hard and we had a couple walking sessions. But it was still fun.

More pics at Jeff's page. I especially like this one, titled "Done."

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FBC Spokane said...

That picture was one of six opportunities to catch you on the ground next to your bike.