Monday, December 24, 2007

Snow then Rain then Slush

Joe and I took a quick loop on the high drive trails yesterday when there was still some snow. I've got a couple trails documented now. Got a Spokane trail? Send me a gpx or better, contact me and we can ride it while I track it. The why is here. My first couple trails are shown here (if you're running a Mac, you must view the page with Firefox).

I took the front rack and basket off the Turd. What a difference. It's so EASY to ride now. I also took off the holy rollers and put some more aggressive knobbies on there. These two changes make this bike a lot of fun to ride in the snow. I had a great time bombing around the high drive trails on it yesterday. I also rode it last night on the FBC ride.

I cannot figure out how to take good night pics with my camera. These photos suck, but they do a good enough job of showing how righteous the bikes looked. The FBC had it's monthly ride last night and all bikes had lights. But a couple really shined.

Considering it was pissing down rain at 9pm last night and the streets were all slushy and shitty, there was a good turn out. Eight or nine?


Anonymous said...

I did a little looking for short strings of battery powered LED lights the last couple weeks, but didn't have any luck. Any lighting advice for future reference?

Bujiatang said...

what kind of camera are you using?

I set the fill flash as low as it can go, and it brightens the field enough to get a respectable picture without burning everything.

EvilElf said...

Hi, I did the same thing with my bike a couple of weeks ago. Made the early morning commute all the better!

Found a great place to purchase battery powered LED Christmas lights - The Walgreens at NW Blvd and Ash.

$5.95 for a 7 foot strand with 20 lights. But, get this - today it's 50% off on all holiday fixins'. I picked up some more this morning. There were still about 8 boxes of the multicolor and 4 boxes of the clear.

In the next few days, I'll post what I'm up to with these lights on my Spokanarama blog!

Ken Paulman said...

I got mine at Walgreens, too. Haven't seen them anywhere else in town, but then again, I wasn't looking very hard...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about Walgreens, I had tried the new South Hill one last week, but didn't find anything. The Ash - NW Blvd one isn't too far from work so I went over there today. I grabbed the last clear and three of the mulicolor for future projects. They still have a few of the multicolor at $3 each if anyone else needs any.