Monday, December 17, 2007

This is what 65 mm of offset looks like

My forks from Jeff Lyon came. They're Kogswell forks. Jeff raked them out to 65 mm, added canti studs, and mid-fork barrel braze-ons. I had planned on putting the same forks on my RB-T last summer or fall, but ended up trading off the forks to Alex for a beautiful rack.

I'm basically building the same bike he just did. This won't be the first time I've done that. Alex has asked me not to paint it blue. I think I'm creeping him out.

The other set will go on my 720.


Unknown said...

Very nice John! I can't wait to see what these look like on your bikes and to read about your impressions of how they ride. I thought the Kogswell forks had flat crowns but maybe that's just the PR forks for 650B? That website is so bare bones and so rarely updated I never know what they actually sell. Can I ask what Lyon charged for the rerake and extra braze-ons? Also...I think I might know why your Trek 720 feels like "the forks are bent or maybe the steerer tube is bent." ;) In any case, I hope the new fork fixes the problem. Greg Weiner (geedubbayoo)

John Speare said...

Not sure on which kogswell forks these are. They've got gobs of clearance though, so that rules. Jeff charged me $85 shipped for each fork. A great deal in my opinion.
I think the steerer tube is bent on the 720 b/c I can't believe how tight the clearance b/t the DT and the fender is. Severe TCO, which has taken me down at least twice. and the steering is super slow, which turns out is just overly tightened headset, but i think i was attributing the trail to that. I don't know. I don't like the way the 720 handles. we'll see if the new fork clears that up.