Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Trail to Explore

My buddy Joe and I discovered a new-to-us trial on the High Drive network the other day. It's another low one. It's narrow and it's softer on the edges than the others. I guess that means either it's new or just not well-used. My guess is that it's not well-used. Because it's so narrow, it's actually sort of technical.

The picture above is sort of south-west facing. The little glob of non-trees just left-of-center is the Latah strip mall area. In the center/right of the picture is the private bridge over Latah creek.

It's impossible not to notice this little private bridge if you're riding from Latah valley up to the South Hill. You can see the network of High Drive trails snaking up the side of the bluff, and the only obstacle to getting to them is the river. But that private bridge is right there. If open to cyclists it would make the ride home a lot more fun and probably quicker too.

I've thought of sneaking over the bridge but he's got some serious signage and the bridge is often blocked by a locked chain link gate.

I'm going to get back down on the new-to-me trail in the next few days and map it.

Speaking of the next few days:



David Blaine said...

I don't know who is living in the farm house with the private bridge but I think Rob Brewster bought all that property a couple fo years ago. Sweet place.

FBC Spokane said...

I'm looking forward to hitting those trails soon. They look fun and you won't shut up about them so they must be rad. See you Sunday or sooner.

John Speare said...

David: if Brewster bought it, that gives me some hope. Maybe he could install a bike-only fence deal there and let us through. shit that would rule.

Jeff: there are better trails, but having those 5 blocks from my house makes them rad. And their fun -- swoopy, roller coastery fun. I don't plan on ever shutting up about them. EVER.