Friday, April 4, 2008

This just in...

There is a Pugsley in Spokane. I knew a bike shop in CdA had a one, but apparently there is a guy in Spokane with a Pugsley.

And my source tells me he's down with letting folks give it a spin.

I shall find him. I shall beg to ride his steed.

Maddie with compass. Leading the way.

Usually on Fridays I ride my bike. But it's spring break, so Maddie and I spent the morning at Dishman Hills hiking. We made a pitstop at Nonna's for some minestrone and then went and explored the High Drive trails.

We had a blast. That kid just runs the whole time. Man alive. The energy in that girl is just non-stop. I love it.

I think it's time to think about some hiking overnighters with her.


Unknown said...

I don't know him but the guy with the Pugsley goes by RockyRider on MTBR.

David Blaine said...

RockyRider is Dave Nelson. He is with the local Trail Association. I have his email if he doesn't get ahold of you direct.