Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spoke-n-Joe's is Open

Two Joes drinking some joe.

And it's cool. And I wish Joe the best. If he can get a hold of the daily stream of roadies that hit the Hangman loop in the nicer weather, he should have a good shot at making it. In the pic above you can see the work bench. He's also got a full espresso bar. There are some lockers and a meeting area in the back. The windows are big and unobstructed so you can keep an eye on your bike as you hang out. Cool place.

It's at 57th and Regal. Next to Zip Trip.

I was happy to have a place to go and gripe about the weather with other cyclists... even after I griped Elissa's ear off at The Scoop.

I attempted the Colville ride this morning. I got about 10 miles out when I hit my usual frozen toe issue. Then the fingers went. This is absolutely the worse kind of riding weather: mid-30's and wet.

I am giving up. I'm going to get Lake boots.

As for hands, it's hard to find a mitten/glove that will hold the water out and keep you from freezing without sweating and getting cold from the inside out. Keeping your fingers warm at 15F for multiple hours is much easier than keeping them warm at the mid-30's and wet for even an hour.


David Blaine said...

I have never regretted buying my Lake winter bike boots. As for gloves, the last two years my main choice has been some $20 north face wind stopper fleece gloves. They are perfect at filling the gap between sub 15 degrees and plus 45 degrees. I often ride with them wet and as long as I am generating some body heat they still do the job.

JMH said...

Man, I wish a place like that was around when I lived in Spokane, very cool idea. I hope it does well.

As far as gloves, I've been very happy with my Novara (REI) gloves that I use on my daily commute.

FBC Spokane said...

Thanks for stopping by today. We should have someone from the news there on Monday. Come watch the panic.