Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gasworks Park

Alex and I rode to Ballard today from Redmond. We went the I-90 route, which is a great ride.
When we got to Ballard, we went our separate ways for dinner, then met up again on the way back. 

He brought me to Gasworks Park and showed me the view.


bleckb said...

Gasworks has a nice view, but if you can ever get up to Bye Kracke Park on the backside of Queen Anne, just below the (my!) old high school, that's a view you'll appreciate as well.

Anonymous said...

Our route was:
156th South to Lake Hills Blvd
Lake Hills Blvd to BCC Campus
BCC Campus and some other downhill to the I90 trail.
I90 trail to Lake WA Blvd
Lake WA Blvd to the Arboretum
Though the freshly paved Arboretum to the Montlake Bridge
Across the bridge and onto the Burke Gilman trail.

The weather was perfect, the scenery was good, and it was just a nice way to end a busy work day. I'm glad John had the idea, because I probably would have done something much less fun.