Friday, May 22, 2009


I found a new little section of trail today on the Highdrive trails. It's a steepish climb from the middle trail that cuts diagonally all the way up to the top at the 25th Ave bench. It's not really new. I've ridden down it many times. But I've never tried to climb up it. 

It's a damn hard climb on my cyclocross bike. I think it's a hard climb on any bike. It requires a good dose of aerobic intensity to maintain speed up the steep grade. It also requires a good dose of skill to hold the rear tire down while picking through the rocky, rooty, sandy, steep bits . I had to walk two sections today. If I can muscle through the technical sections that threw me today, I might (just barely though) be able to handle the actual climb without blowing up. It's a wonderful challenge.

My goal is to ride it this summer. Hopefully I'll get it in the next month. 

I gained almost 10 pounds this winter and I've not knocked it off yet, so climbing this section may provide the extra nudge of incentive to help me focus on loosing that weight. My goal is to loose this 10 pounds, plus another 5 by cyclocross season without giving up beer. It may not be possible, but I'm going to give it a try. Running, a low sugar/processed carbs and tons of veggies diet, and more intense riding (along with the normal commuting and occasional long day rides) will be key in dropping the pounds.

Having the hill climbing goal makes it all fun and gives me something to anticipate and to track on a weekly basis. 


RJ said...

Great goals, John! I like that you've included something FUN to focus on and that you're not totally depriving yourself of delicious treats (beer).

If you do give up something (sugary things), a good bit of advice I've heard is to REPLACE it with something. I think it's easier to choose an alternative instead of choosing nothing at all.

Good luck!

Tarik Saleh said...

Hey, that is sort of my goal too, the 10 poundish without giving up beer. I knocked off the first 5 easily this year, but have been sitting there waiting, maybe i need to give up something... Nah, just ride more?

Unknown said...

Haha, weight loss without giving up beer is also a goal of mine. Funny that three of us have had a similar thought process.

I'd like to step up the riding foremost and cut back on the crap I eat.