Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More hauling

This bike has been seeing more and more riding lately. I never really look forward to riding it, but when I can haul stuff on it, I appreciate it. 

I recently tightened up the leather on the saddle, which helped a lot; it's way more comfortable. The leather was sagging onto the saddle frame. I've had the Brooks spanner wrench since I bought my first Brooks about 6 years ago, but I've never used it. I went through my saddles and found 2 that benefited from a wee bit of tightening. I may even put some Proofide on them too.

I'm going to swap the bars yet again. These bars are just too flat-ish and my wrists don't like to rotate that much. Since the bike is short-haul only, I'll give moustache bars a try again. I like moustache bars for tooling around and off-roading, but anything over 20 miles or so doesn't work for me. I'll set them up tall. I'll shift the 8-speed Nexus with the Jtek bar-end shifter

I put the Tubus Fly rack on this bike a few days ago when I had to haul some crap up to the P2P garage. I love the Tubus Fly. It's the best production rear rack ever. Ever. It's light; it's strong; it's elegant. 

The 720 does well with the load as pictured. I put a different fork on it to optimize for loading on the front rack. It's the best of both worlds: you get the nice long chain stays and wheel base for rear loading and a polite front end that stabilizes with a load over the front wheel. 

Anyway. All that crud in the bags and bucket is going to Plum Tree School tomorrow morning for the Bike-to-Work "Energizer station." If you're commuting through the south hill tomorrow, stop by 20th and Sherman between 7am-9am and get some Apple Charlotte hot coffee and Liza's home made treats. She was a baking fool over the last few days: there are about 1/2 dozen different baked goodies to choose from. And if you have ANY food allergy/preference, I bet there's a treat here you can eat. Liza is so inclusive.

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