Sunday, May 10, 2009


My buddy Jon has been borrowing our xtracycle for about the last 2 years. We've really not missed it much. It's a great bike for hauling family-grocery loads, as in, the family and groceries. When Maddie was a toddler, we'd go shopping every week: she's sit on the front, and we'd load it up with a week's worth of groceries.  Then Fresh Abundance moved in down the street and changed our shopping habits. We never do the weekly thing anymore. About the same time we also got the tandem for Maddie. Around the same time I also discovered the joy of hauling crap on a front rack. So, the xtracycle became sort of redundant. About the same time, Jon needed a way to haul two kids or a kid and crap, so he was keen to borrow the xtracylce.

About 2 weeks ago, we took the xtracycle back so my brother could borrow it while he was in town. It's been great having it back. Not so much for hauling stuff -- though, I'll be hauling the P2P booth down to the Bike to Work breakfast tomorrow morning -- but for the kid-hauling value that the xtracycle excels at. For the short tooling around we do: to Maddie's school, to the Scoop, to Fresh Abundance, to the park, etc, the xtracycle just rules. Especially since Maddie is not hugely bullish on riding her own bike at the moment. It's funny, because she still prefers riding on the front toddler seat instead of the snap deck on the back. 

For the skinny; the dirt; the poop on my xtracycle, dig my out-dated, but mostly accurate, web page on it. 


The Scoopspot said...

Is that a sweet "oh crap" brake for Maddie on the middle of the handle bar?

Pat S said...

For the last few days I've been heavily obsessed with Xtracycle thoughts. I've been trying to maintain my perspective, keep my desires in check, my checkbook stashed. Gee, I really appreciate your timely help.