Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another reason to ride with a camera

From: Reynolds, Charles [mailto:creynolds@spokanepolice.org]
Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2010 2:26 PM
To: Bob Lutz;
Subject: Bike lane complaint


We have put the final touches on the carparkedinbikelane@spokanepolice.org email address. We are ready to field complaints and send out letters when we receive all of the necessary information.

In order for us to act on the information we will need the following:

  • accurate location (that can be an address that the vehicle is in front of or “mid block of the 2700 block of S. E. Blvd,” etc.)
  • accurate description of the vehicle (make, model, color)
  • time and date of violation
  • photograph of vehicle parked in the bike lane (this can be attached to the email)

We will send out a notice to the registered owner on the first violation. We will add repeat violators to our Traffic Hotline for officers to investigate further which could include issuing infractions.

We welcome you to put this address out at your BAB meetings and publicize it as much as you can.


Sgt. Jason Reynolds #558
Spokane P.D. Traffic Unit


Dylan said...

Whoa. This is awesome. How did you get the police dept. to go for that? Every time I've dealt with the Seattle PD as a cyclist I've either been met with complacency or outright hostility.

Lee said...

Sweet Jesus that is progress!

Hank Greer said...

Very nice. And record them at MyBikeLane, too.

Rachel said...

Super awesome!

I actually took a route with some bike lanes today. I was on the lookout for violators, but found none (which is good!).

So glad they're actually going to maybe enforce this. Seems messed up that I got a ticket for parking in front of my apartment in Brownes Addition for longer than 12 hours (except that it hadn't actually been that long), but they never enforced the MARKED no-parking in bike lanes?