Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coeur d' Alene National Forest

No time to carry on about the details. The biggest lesson: how the heck have I lived this close to such a amazingly perfect riding area without ever going there? Roads, climbs, views, camping, solitude, descents, -- tons of all of this. I know DB has been telling me this for years. And Willy mentioned it a time or two. I need to listen better.

I'll be going back to CdA frequently. It's a f'ing huge area with insane exploration possibilities.

I took Phil's RB-T and fulfilled the promise to "put the bike to good use."

Essentially we rode one long day. About 65 miles and 7500 feet of real (non-GPS lies) climbing. So basically, about 1/2 a normal day of GDR pace.

A few pics follow. A few more are at Pat's site. And I'm hoping Alex will post the scenic shots.

That bright thing is Tyvek fender. Channelling Peters*n.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a map of where you went?

Anonymous said...

John, could you maybe post a map of where you guys started?

alex wetmore said...

I'll be posting a map on my blog soon. I have the route on my GPS.

Mike Sirott said...

Thanks for bringing Pat back alive for the weekend. After his epic bicycle tour we put him to work doing hard labor.

mike said...

sounds like awesomeness with maple sugar on top and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. more pics, please, if you can. really need to get out west and ride.

John Speare said...

Maps and pics at Alex's smugmug site. He's got a browsable map here. You can select different data sets under the coordinates by toggling the view in the upper right corner of the map.