Monday, June 21, 2010

What are you doing on July 11th?

Remember Metro Spokane? The blog? So great. So missed.
Three years ago, the mysterious Metro posted an idea about trying a Cyclovia in Spokane. That post generated some comments and as far as I know, planted the seed of the idea in many local bikey organizer types (Ah-BillBender- hem!).

Well, Spokane Summer Parkways is the result. Don't know what a summer parkway or a Cyclovia is? Go check out the Spokane Summer Parkways website.

Then click the Volunteer tab and sign up. Because to pull this off, the event still needs over 30 volunteers for the first event on July 11th.


Schrauf said...

Thanks for the plug, John! We are working hard to pull off the best event possible.

Schrauf said...

Also, see the Parkways website soon for updated information on a bike decorating contest sponsored by Two Wheel Transit, with prizes! And with judging by the Mayor and City Council members.