Monday, May 16, 2011

Bike to Work Week Kickoff Breakfast

The cold and wet weather didn't deter all of the bike riders from attending the Bike To Work Week Kickoff Breakfast at Riverfront Park but it did substantially cut the numbers down. It's easy for me to believe that lots of people are fairer weather riders and choose an alternate transportation mode when the weather is unpleasant. And that's okay. Not everyone has to be a hard core rider.

(Disclosure: Although I risk distancing myself even further from hard core status--not that I was that close to it anyway--I ruefully admit I didn't ride my bike to the Bike To Work Week breakfast. For my penance I will climb Lehman Road from Wellesley to Fruit Hill Road three as soon as it's warm and dry outside.)

In spite of the weather, one characteristic that was common to the riders that did attend were the smiles on their faces. Kudos to the many volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen.

BTW volunteers showing off their T-shirts.

The good folks at Pedals2People set up and manned a bike corral.

Roast House coffee provided some much needed warmth.

This was a breakfast. Mountain Gear made pancakes. Lots of people ate them.

REI set up shop and provided some free mechanical assistance.

Mayor Verner addressed the group. It was great that she hung out with everyone in the rain.

Pedal with The Politicians Ride with Councilmen Richard Rush and Jon Snyder.

One of the many hard core who wasn't about to let the weather interfere with his fun. Or breakfast.

Need we say more? Spokane Bikes!

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Rachel said...

That fender is made of major win. I wish I had made one!