Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eat Liza's cookies

Liza is baking ginger cookies for tomorrow.

For tomorrow, Pedals2People (Liza, Pat Rick, Maddie, and I) will be hosting an "energizer station" for cyclists on their way to work.

It's at 25th and High Drive. From 6:30-8 or so. Please stop by! Visit us!

June 2006: Liza's riding a bike I wish we didn't get rid of (Novara X-R)

Pat Rick, of Scoop fame, will be providing (Bumpershoot) hot coffee. There's another reason to go out of your way.

So, cookies and coffee; it's not the spread we laid out last year, but that would be hard to beat.


Pat S said...

By some stroke of good fortune, I got to sample the ginger cookies tonight and they are MONEY. If your commute takes you anywhere near this energizer station and you don't stop, you are a fool!

Elissa said...

Hey, a Bumper shoot is an umbrella.

rory said...

you still have a quickbeam?

John Speare said...

Rory -- no, that's a pic from 2006. I like the sign.