Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fort Ebey wrap up

I'll have more words later. For now, enjoy downloading 18 pics. Yow!
Alex and his mill. It's making a frame/fork alignment gauge.

Andre, Lee, Alex. Chilling on Friday.

Morel. I left it there.

Alex loaned me this bike. It's a 90's Rocky Mountain frameset built up around a Rohloff hub. I like the hub more now. My lungs weren't really working still, which was pretty extremely frustrating, all in all, so I spent a lot of Saturday just tooling around the trails alone... too slow to hang with the others.

My hair is rad.

The trail system at Fort Ebey was really nice. Super organized, good maps, good markers. Generally the trails were foresty and swooping or old grown-in roads. Nothing super technical. This would be a great place to go for a weekend of family trail riding and mountain bike introduction.

You can ride on trails from the Fort Ebey camp area all the way to Coupeville.

There were close to 50 people at our group campsite. All cyclists. Mostly from the club, .83. The chatter on their forum doesn't really provide a good reflection of their big-hearted, welcoming nature. They were nice folks. Practically-speaking, I was pretty much a non-cyclist this weekend, and they still gave me beer and food.

Andre. Grilling bacon. These guys are serious about their food.

About every other bike there is a Surly. This is a hacked KM -- lots of touring-specific braze-ons and that coffee color that the x-check came in at one point. People I talked to couldn't fathom a city where LBS didn't stock multiple sizes and models of Surlys bikes.

Super grill. I want one in my back yard. But maybe a tad smaller. It was filled on Saturday night. The 83'ers cooked up 20 lbs of carne asada with all the fixens.

For reference: note the built-in table. And the adjustable fire rack. Sweet rig.

Alex loaned me a tarp tent. I've always wanted to check these out. I liked it. If Liza and I ever get serious about bike camping, this will be our solution. That's a lot of space for 3 lbs. Alex also let me borrow his Thermarest Neo Air. That is a for-sure item on the next REI 20% event.


alex wetmore said...

It was great having you join us this weekend John. I look forward to some more riding together this summer on your side of the mountains.

Drew said...

Great rides all around Whidbey. I grew up in Oak Harbor; the Fort Ebey system were some of my first trail riding experiences. It looks to have improved a little bit in the 8 years since I was there last. Nice to have the sea breezes, that saltiness lends something to the bacon on the barbie. Thanks for sharing the pictures, just the vicariousness I needed to get through Monday.

Bryan B said...

I heartily approve of the Surly count.