Sunday, August 7, 2011

Done. 6:43

My goose is cooked.
One flat tire.
Post your time in the comments.


mechBgon said...

5:44AM here, and my goose is cooked too. I'm going to bed. How'd the tires do for you?

If anyone's going out to Dunn Road to pick up excess water, feel free to rescue the smiley tear-sheet for me. I'm car-free and I'm just not up to a 35-mile ride to go fetch it right now.

Anonymous said...

You obliterated the 8hour mark, congrats. You must be cured.

Pat S said...

Tom, congrats on going sub-6! I think that's a first for the midnight century?

John, congrats on going not only sub-8, but sub-7??? Holy hell, dude.

Stephen Morgan said...

Done @ 10:15. My goose is overcooked, tough, and burnt. There was one person that I was jockeying back and forth with until the Fish Lake Trailhead, I think he finished after me, but he did finish. I saw him at the Gonzaga bridge while I was trying to revive myself enough to get home to Minnehaha.

Ben Bray said...

Hey Stephen that was me rocking the 10-speed. I finished at 10:21.