Friday, August 26, 2011


Tall. But a pretty reasonable grade. I'd recommend this ride on a gorgeous day.


Jonathan Eberly said...

Nice. Steptoe? Was it an out and back? Thats the only reason I haven't done that ride.

Single Speed Dad said...

You know the saying, "Living the life of Reilly"? It should be changed to "Living the life of John."

Wish I were there. Instead of here. At my desk. Working. Not riding.

Jacque Hendrix said...

Is that my old Trek I donated to P2P? If so, I'm glad it's getting used.

John Speare said...

Jon: we did a loop. there was a 12 mile piece that we did twice. But there's lots of loop options. Ended up being a bit over 100 miles.

Single Speed: I wish you were there too. It was a memorable ride.

Jacque: nope it's a Lyon.

Elissa said...

Every time I hear about the Butte I think about my Mom and her Campfire troop getting stuck in the telephone booth up there. True story.