Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I made a shirt

Actually, I made 40 of them.

And actually, I didn't make them. Klay-the-rad designed it.

The guys across the street from my office, 360 Apparel, printed it.

The shirts are organic cotton and soft.

There are girl shirts, which Liza says aren't really cut like a good girlie cut should be, but they have short sleeves. And men shirts.

They're pre-shrunk.

The girl shirts are made in Honduras.

The men shirts are made in India.

There are a few sizes of each.

All of them are available in highly-visible and utlra-slimming black.

Liza here is wearing a girl's small. A men's large fits me like other large t's.

They cost me about $12 each to make. So if you want one, that's the cost. Better yet, if you own a store, buy the lot and sell them for whatever.


Dylan said...

Want. How can I get $$ into your hands to make this happen.

Rob Brewer said...

Same as Dylan said. Sorry I don't have a store to sell more. I can provide some Facebook and Twitter links to this post though.

Klay said...


Rachel said...

I want one too!

Beth Mort said...

Me too! Me too!

USAM@Spec said...

Whoever designed that, must've been wicked talented...

John Speare said...

Rob: can you contact me at john@phred.org.

Rachel/Beth/Dylan, I have your contact info.

Anyone else who wants one, email me. I can meet downtown on most weekdays. Or you can come out to my office on Sprague during normal workday hours. My office is a few doors down from P2P.

Spokane Al said...

I really like the front of the shirts. The back, not so much.