Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beth and Mike

Beth and Mike came out for a quick visit to the river.
Maddie stayed home with her aunt.
This is Mike. Going up.

Liza and Beth

Laughing and climbing is highly inefficient

Mike, Beth, Liza, Coke-glasses.

Kelly Hill Cemetery.
This was about a mile down the road from the Pia Mission Cemetery.

Mid-ride drink and lunch at Boyd's Country Inn.
As it turns out, greyhounds are a pretty rad hot-day-riding drink.

Mike fly fishing.

Poison ivy.


Christopher Grande said...

Schwinn Passage! Salsa Fargo?

Klay said...

miss you guys

a;ex wetmre said...

Hey Guys! It's been a while since I've seen Beth and Mike, wish I could have made it up there this weekend.

Greyhounds are a popular riverside easy drink in point83.

John Speare said...

Christopher: Schwinn Voyager and Fargo.

Anonymous said...

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