Monday, September 12, 2011

Follow up on S-A S2C hub issue

I griped about the slipping, lurching, clacking, knocking lameness of the S2C here.

I sent an email to the Sunrace folks (contact listed on Sturmey Archer site), and got a reply that said all the hubs on the Sun Spider AT were screwed.

So they sent me new internals.

And an attachment to the most superb set of bike instructions ever. It's here (650k pdf). Good stuff.

Being the bitchy griper that I am, I can't stop. If the Sunrace guys knew all the hubs that went out on the AT were whacked, why didn't they get in front of this issue? There's probably a rational reason (aside from the cynical and obvious one), and I'd really like to know it.

Anyway -- with the new hub in there, the Spider is pretty sweet. The hub is smooth and creamy and easy and relaible feeling. If I didn't have the super bike going to build tonight, I'd ride the Spider to work tomorrow. Maybe Weds or Thurs.

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Sounds good.