Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pump track season is coming to an end

Pat and Patty hosted a great session tonight. As the days get shorter, it's looking like this is one of the last night sessions.

As Maddie and I got home tonight I was thinking that maybe this is what some people go to church for. The pump track is great for pumping and riding and skill building. But there's also a community aspect that just rules. The people that show up and dig it and keep coming back are just bikey people. Many of them come at the bikey world with different, but passionate, perspectives but the pump track is a common draw that keeps pulling them back. Hanging out with these folks has been just as much fun as learning to ride the track this year.

On the way over to Pat and Patty's, Maddie and I ran into neighbor-Greg, who just got a new Elephant. Nice color scheme: bronze with orange decals.

Joe trying out the Spider.

Ben Tobin set a new lap record: 6.25.

Maddie hanging in the middle of the 180.
She pumped 3 laps tonight and time trialed at 13.5 s.

Justin: all smiles after a pretty gnarly spill -- the kind where you don't remember the first minute or so after the wreck.
Jon: wears a shit-eating grin pretty much the whole time he's on the track.
He's gonna love cross.

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I wish I had a backyard.