Friday, November 11, 2011


Any Spokanites know where I can purchase any of the following beers?

I'm really digging the sour thing. It's proving hard to find.
I see the Lazy Boy IPA at some shops-- but aside from the wings restaurant-- I can't find the Belgian in a retail spot.

I bought these super fancies in Seattle.
Left: New Belgium La Folie
Right: Rodenbach
 Flipping rad. Both of em.

Of course this is bike-related.


zed said...

Try Jims Homebrew they usually have something sourish

Stine said...

J&B or Williams Seafood (on Division) --

Anonymous said...

Could rocket market or huckleberries order some in for you?

Bill Foss said...

Really like New Belgian Brewery's Trippel and Abbey. Very reminiscent of the beers we drank in Belgium. Rocket or Hucks and fairly cheap.

John Speare said...

Jim's had the Rodenbach!
Stine: Williams seafood is same selection as other stores. But JB looks promising from a quick online investigation.
Chris: I've asked the folks at Huck's a few times for specific beers and I've not gotten anywhere. They pretty much fall back to telling me it depends on the distributor.
The story is that Odem pretty much owns the distribution in this town for the good stuff. So I've reached out to a buddy who is a buddy with a guy who works there to see if they can start bringing in the La Folie.
Mr Foss: Your sour is waiting for you. Come and get it.

Rachel said...

I just picked up Boulevard's Sixth Glass; a Belgian quad. Quite tasty. They have it at Yokes and The Rocket Market.

Anonymous said...

Hico on 9th and Perry has Lazy Boy ($3.99) and I believe a few other belgians.

Jonathan Eberly said...

That HiCo has a pretty sweet selection of beers in general. All of oskar blues canned stuff and tenfidy is $3.50. Nice to know they have sours as well. Might have to take the long way home more often.

John Speare said...

Sweet. Hico is right on my way home. I'll hit it today. Thanks.

Riding in Reno said...

You really need to make a trip to Russian River (Santa Rosa, CA). Best barrel aged sour you can get your hands on!

John Speare said...

Reno: Sounds great. Looking at their site, it looks like "Supplication" is what I'm after. And they bottle it. And they have a WA distributor -- all western WA unfortunately. I shall investigate further with beer contacts. Thanks for the tip.