Monday, November 21, 2011


On the ride to the office this morning there was a fresh small layer of snow over most of my commute.

As I approached Liberty Park, I noticed two other cyclists had already made the same ride.

My favorite part is this hill. (That linked picture is a year old, but the hill is the same.)

Both of the earlier cyclists also took this hill.

And they both climbed the Magnolia street freeway overpass.

And they both made it down the other side w/out scrubbing. I didn't.

There's something cool about following these trails on snowy-icy mornings. These cyclists, who I may or may not know, feel like pals.

I suspect one might be Wade. (Second to the left in this pic.)

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Jonathan Eberly said...

I like doing this as well. Today I was following the track of what I believe to be a fat tired bike. It was about 3 inches wide. I kept looking for little spiders but never saw any. This was on the centennial trail by the way.