Saturday, November 12, 2011


Before we start, let me just carry on about these awesome tires. They're Maxxis MaxLite 310. Yes, they weigh 310 grams. I put them in the vise to show how super thin they are. They're basically a thin casing to hold your tube to your rim. Seriously, these are great all-rounders. I had them on the pump-beer version of the MB-2 this summer and they were perfect for bar rides and tooling around on the trails. I think I only had one flat on these. They're for racing, but they're perfect for a tool-around bike. Fast, supple, a bit of tread for the dirt, and enough plump to allow you to bang around.

This bike proved itself last winter as a perfect work horse winter bike. Recall this particularly cold and wet week. It's ready for winter time trudging now: fenders, rack, studs, generator lights front and back, Thudbuster, Thermos-holder.

I love these grips. Click for big.

So this was the river bike all summer. And it rocked. It was perfect for fishing, beer-runs, day tours, and junk-food runs. It's just such a great bike I couldn't bear to think of it just sitting in a shed all winter long. So, I put the old Hakkapeliitas (going on year 5 now?) on there, flipped the rear wheel to the fixed side and it's going to be the ice bike. But the reality is -- I'll probably ride this bike a half-dozen times this winter. The MB-2 is just so easy and fun and useful.

This is the big experiment. I have to say, I have my doubts on the viability of this bike as a super useful snow bike. I could dump $100+ into some new tires to make it probably, nearly viable, but I want to try these out first. I put a fender solution on there. Those huge-ass tires can throw a boatload of slushy gunk.

The careful observer will notice that the tandem is gone. It turns out the tandem was the logjam. I took it to Glens today and the garage just nearly cleaned itself. I can now hang up most of the bikes, which clears up a huge pile of bikey/hose/tire mess that was against the garage door.

Note the walkable space in front of the garage door. I also replaced 4 bulbs in the overheads. Wow. That makes a huge difference. I don't have a lot of bike stuff in my winter plans -- and what I do have planned will hopefully happen in Glen's garage or Pat's garage. But I probably will re-work Maddie's Elephant with drops and a rear rack.

From the other side. Yes. This is clean. Very clean.

Lest we forget. The wife is certified.

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Great post. Nice to see the Shogun.