Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hard to pick a favorite

Happy day.


Hank Greer said...

My oldest got a complimentary shoe dryer from that company about 10 years ago while running cross country at Mead. All they asked for in return was feedback on how well it worked. We still use it.

The shoe dryer will last longer, but the whiskey smells way better.

Not said...

Option 2: Dry shoes.
Option 1: Not caring about the condition of your shoes.
- Ventura

bihlbee said...

Hopefully a sip of that Eagle Rare makes it back to this part of the state, as that's a bottle of the 17 year xtr zoot stuff.

John Speare said...

Bill: no worries. I took possession in Spokane. I'm a sharer. Especially with guys that have a better bourbon collection.

Elissa said...

Do you need that dryer for sandals?