Monday, August 13, 2012

Freaky broken axle

That explains some weird noises I heard as I bombed off the South Hill into downtown this morning.

The fork on my Legolas was bent for a few months after getting Eberlized. Glen noticed it right away. Of course I ignored it.

Glen recently straightened out the fork when he got a hold of this bike for a day. But it appears the damage was already done.


Christopher Grande said...

Bummertowne!!! What kind of hub?

chcuk. said...

hey i was searching for places to ride in spokane and stumbled upon this blog! i was wondering if you guys could tell me if spokane would be best for road riding or cyclocross? i'm gonna be there for a week and would love to meet new people. any group rides you guys would like to let me know about? i don't care how fast or slow it is, a show around town would be nice!

John Speare said...

Christopher: Suzie hub. came on my quickbeam a few years ago. it's not the hub's fault though. as usual, it's mine.

Chcuk: road vs cx bike -- we've got plenty of both. outside of town in just about every direction you'll find miles of paved road riding. in the same area, you can hook together paved bits with dirt roads if you like that. South of town probably offers the easiest-to-wander area.
if you want non-technical trails/double track for CX bike, check out Riverside State Park, High Drive trails.
Send an email with dates when you are in town and we can take a ride.
The only regular group ride I know of is Two Wheel Transit thrusday night rides. They're t6ypically fast/road rides. Other shops/clubs to google for more rides: "Spokane Rocket Velo," "North Division Bike Shop," "The Bike Hub," ...