Sunday, August 5, 2012

Midnight Century 2012

That was hard. Since I've not ridden much over the last 3 weeks, I expected hard. But that was pretty brutal.

I have two lame pictures. Hank was there with his fancy super camera taking pics, so I'm hoping we'll see a write-up  on his blog with better pics. And I saw Pat taking some phone pics too.

First on is pre-rollout. That's Tom McFadden in the yellow. He blazed it again and set a new record with Tom Rice and finished in 5:15.

This ridiculous picture is the top of Bruna.

We doubled the turn out again. I counted 48 riders about 3 minutes before we rolled out. Lots of finishers too.


Here's all the unofficial times. Please leave a comment if you're not listed and want to be or if I screwed up your name/time/etc.

Bill Bloom and Coffee Joe are creating a letter-press finishers poster -- so if you want one, get your time to me.

Tom McFadden 5:15
Tom Ryse 5:15

Jake McBurns 5:48
Bill Bronson 5:48

Tom Hungerford 6:16
Eric Ross 6:16

Eric Erikson 6:47

Dale Cook 6:34

Joseph Yacker 6:51

Sarah S 7:10
Andy L 7:10
Cody G 7:10
one other? 7:10

Dan DeRuyter 7:14
Will Stone 7:14

Cody Gamble 7:15
Daniel Addington  7:15

John Speare 7:25

Rick Cadwallader 7:30

Jess Troyer 7:34

Justin Becker 8:00

Greg Schauble 8:10
Jeff Donovan 8:10

Sean McLaughlin 8:15
Blake Longacre 8:15
Dan Garrett 8:15
Rheanne Garrett 8:15
Jeremy Tanner 8:15

Craig Hill 8:20
Chris Stein 8:20

Hank Greer 8:24
John Greer 8:24

David Goode 8:25
Cassandra Goode 8:25

Simon Hartt 8:30
Pat Rick Sullivan 8:30

Doukhobor 8:40

Brian Kelley 9:10
Bryan Rennick 10:03

Ben Bray 11:14

Peter Michalowicz 11:49
Need info:
Bryan (with green Elephant)
Bike hub guys
Steve Sanders

Glen Copus - Dunn Road
Pat Sprute - 32nd Ave
gNate -Liberty Lake
Steve - Bike Hub - 32nd Ave
Jason Oestreicher - Liberty Lake


Pat S said...

I dnf'd 32nd/barker.

gnate was in the house.

No results yet, but 2 names for the tracking list:
Ben Bray
Bryan Rennick

mechBgon said...

Good job everyone! Wow, 48 riders?! :o Here's a few more names to add: Dale Cook, Will Stone (looks like 7:27 on Strava). It looks like Tom Hungerford did 6:24, according to Strava.

Tom Ryse and I rode with four other riders until the Idaho Road climb. They were going fast. From there, we rode with one of them, Steve (in a Bike Hub jersey), until 32nd; he was planning to split for home on Hwy 27, and held up at 32nd to regroup with Jason Oestreicher for consultations.

It was a nice night, and we saw a little wildlife... three porcupines, some deer and an owl. For this year, I picked the challenge of beating the official sunrise at 5:33AM, and got my wish :)

For the bike, I went with my 26" XC mountain bike on 2.2" Continental RaceKing Supersonic tires, which roll really nicely. I mounted my headlight on the fork blade so it skimmed out across the surface and revealed washboard better. For the MC, I used my road pedals and a rigid fork.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting the results here and for publicizing the event in general, I never would have heard about it if not for your site. Tom Hungerford and I (Eric Ross) rolled in at 6:16 am. Fantastic night and I avoided getting grease on any of the concert goers.

Pat S said...

Bryan Rennick finished at 10:03

Anonymous said...

Letterpress not screen printed...
Coffee Joe

Anonymous said...

I improved to a DNF from last year's Did Not Start. Yep, set a PR, and I didn't even realize it was a race. I was just looking for a quiet place for a midnight snack.

I did the whole Idaho Rd loop, where I stopped to eat a truly delicious sandwich in the moonlight. Time for bed.

Back on the dark Centennial Trail, a pale oddly shaped animal skittered by in front of me. Then I saw Pat, who suggested the animal was most likely an albino chupacabara.

It's funny how every time I see a chupacabara I see Pat soon after.

Pat, however, saw a moose that looked more like a bearded hippie to me. I think we may have both been hallucinating at this point, but the there was a tang of pachouli in the early morning breeze.

We made it back to Brown's edition in time to graciously concede the race to the various Toms and Jakes, etc. who were speeding in.

Next year, I plan to improve from DNF to WEB (Why Even Bother).


Eric Erickson said...

Finished at 6:47... Thanks tom and Eric for letting me ride with you

Bem Bray said...

Finished at 11:14, which included a leisurely breakfast at the Harvester. From about Elder Road on all I could think about were pancakes :)

Dale Cook said...

I finished in 6:34
Wow there were some fast times!
Good job everyone

mechBgon said...

John (and Bill and Coffee Joe), I would love to have a finisher's poster, my last one has a place of honor on my refrigerator.

Also, good job to John, Pat, and everyone else who rose to their own challenge and took a shot at this. Maybe for their first time, maybe with less training than they'd like, or maybe with a mutinous fatbike with leaking tires... yeah, you know who you are ;)

How'd your bike do, John? No flats this year, I hope?

John Speare said...

Tom: Bike was great. No flats. Engine was pretty tired though.

Doukhobor said...

had a great time on my first midnight century . started riding at 1227 solo finishing at 907 this morning . stopped for lots of photos at sunrise will post soon .

The Devo said...

Started ride on Schwinn cruiser. Made it quite a ways past the convention center, almost got swallowed up by killer deals offered by amway convention attendees let loose into the night with leadership and profits fresh on their minds . Anyway, DNF but next year will not wear flip flops . Had a great time, congratulations to everyone who participated .

Anonymous said...

Here are three more finisher times:

Cody Gamble at 7:15
Daniel Addington at 7:15
Brian Kelley at 9:10

Patrick Sullivan said...

Done at 8:30am

Tom Hungerford said...

Well I finished my first midnight century. Painfully awesome. A big thanks to Tom M for getting my front derailer to shift properly before we started.
I did most of the ride with my friend Eric Ross and met another guy Eric Erikson and he rode with us for a while. Two really awesome guys. It was really nice to see so many familiar faces out there. What an absolute amazing ride.

Bryan Rennick said...

I finished my first Midnight Century. It was probably the hardest thing i have done. The riding at night thing is way cooler than I thought it would be. i have to thank Pat S. for inviting me along. I will definitely have to train for it next year. I think the only reason I finished this year is because I am so stubborn. Thanks for such a great event.

Anonymous said...

Someone should make a Spokane Midnight Century Facebook page. That would be really cool and useful. This year was my first MC and Im already excited for next year!

Anonymous said...

I did actually finish at 7:14. Normally wouldn't bother over such things, but darn it if that ride isn't brutal and Dan and I earned those 13 minutes :) Strava on my phone recorded ride from home to home, so added some minutes at the elk before starting.
More training next year, and more eating along the way. Heck of a ride. Glad to hear no injuries this year? Some blazing times too, good job y'all.
Will Stone

Peter Michalowicz said...

Rick C. talked me into trying this. Totally unprepared, out of shape, 53 year-old, riding a 17 year-old stock Trek 930 singletrack. First time I've ridden in years and the first time I've ever tried something like this.

Quickly found out I was in way over my head, but had been left behind to fend for myself alone. I found solace in the bright moon watching over me as I bambled through the dark and into the coming day. 3 rabbits on the Centennial Trail. 11 deer and a dead porcupine on the trek from Liberty Lake to Spangle. There's something saddistic about a smiley face tacked to the gate across the road to hell. I took my tear-off trophy and will treasure it's simplistic symbolism.

The cashier at the Spangle Conoco asked me how many more there were behind me to which I replied I thought I was the last. She thought we were all crazy.

Jennings road was a washboard nightmare without any suspension and what was with the cardboard box with water? Once I hit the highway and finally the Fish Lake Trail, I knew the goal was mine.

I did it!
I'm glad I did it!!
Would I do it again???

Probably not.

My name is Peter Michalowicz
It took me 11:49
Please add me to the results page as a finisher for 2012.

Thank you the once in a life time experience.

Pat S said...

Peter, such a classic MC adventure, and so delightfully and efficiently recounted. Congratulations and thanks for the great read.

I've just added "bambled" to my vocabulary and will be enthusiastically watching for my first opportunity to use it in a sentence. ;-)

Brian J said...

Green Elephant here, lost and confused I never found the final climb and Spangle. Headed north to the Palouse hwy and back to the Elk at 520 with 70 miles. Sad sad, apparently I'm still a child directed by ego. I set off monday at 1430 from Liberty Lake, because I love the sun and pick up trucks kickin up dust. A sink shower in Spangle (refill bottle 3/4), a slice of peperrioni at pacific ave (refill 5/6) and wifey with a light at stateline (refill 7/8) and I have it loaded On my garmin with 8 hrs. Lost was the spirit of fellow riders, and the hurdle of circadian rythms, but still present was all that climbing, tactical replenishment, and another excuse to ride. Here's to the adventure!

Hank Greer said...

Bamble - To ride a bicycle with an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and despair; a sad and lonely bike ride through the gate across the road to hell.

Webster said...

To ramble like Bambi lost in the woods during fawn season.

Noah Tall said...

To bumble like Rambo through brambles.