Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review Redux: MSR Fast Stash 2

No pictures here. Lots in my initial review, which was luke-warm.

I'm changing my tune. The Fast Stash will become my go-to basecamp tent from now on.

This is a rocking tent. I used it for two weeks up at the river.

During that time we had a freak rain fall that dumped nearly 3 inches(!) in a single night. To hit 3 inches, we're talking about huge volume rain drops in huge volume coming down the majority of the night. I was dry. The tent held up beautifully.

As a side note, the light show that went with this storm was phenomenal. I wish I would've taken video. It was like a bad horror movie -- totally overdone: with multiple flashes of lightening every minute and deafening cracks of thunder. At first it was terrifying, but after 20 minutes or so, it became awe-inspiring.

The money piece was the next night. A crazy windstorm. This was 100+ MPH winds. Really.

Here's documentation.

As trees cracked and fell over just a few hundred yards away and as the mosquito tent/shelter buckled and blew over, this tent just hunkered down and held its ground.

Amazingly, so did the REI 4 person Hobbitat, though I would not have wanted to be in it as it leaned and contorted in the wind.

Anyway. I still think the Fast Stash 2 would be a squeeze for two, but it after experiencing these these events with this tent, I would say this tent is worth having. As noted, it's a perfect basecamp tent for one.

That's all I got.

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