Friday, December 14, 2012

not dead... I think I'll go for a walk

I've noted here recently that while I no longer do interesting rides, I do still ride bike daily. The point: my boring-ass commute gives me nothing to carry on about here. Ideally, I'd break up the boring-ass commute by taking more interesting routes, but I rarely have the time to tack on more miles at the end of the day.

Still four holes left to patch in this one.

So, now I'm done with this quarter of school, and I have time to sit here and spew, but I don't have a lot of bikey stuff talk about. But "not having a lot" isn't the same as "having nothing," or "not having something," or "not having nothing." Actually, it is the same as "not having nothing."

And that not nothing, is gear. I've not got a whole lot of nothing to say about gear. And by "not got a whole lot of nothing," of course, I mean, I gotta lot.

If you've been following along on Pat's blog, you'll recognize this fine piece of craftsmanship.
The kittens LOVE it!

Gird your loins for the gear review extravaganza. Over the next couple weeks, I plan on reviewing: Ortlieb Velocity backpack, two Patagonia hoodies, some super fancy new Ibex wool pants, Patagonia messenger bag, REI Endeavor pants, Rainmates, and maybe other stuff.

We upgraded Cat Unit #1 with the KillerLAZER Eye option.

I plan on doing some riding too. Hopefully, that will yield some more traditional postings.

In any case, tune in daily or so for a barrage of year-end updates!


amidnightrider said...

Keep your camera at the ready on your daily commutes. Lots of interesting things pop up often when least expected.

Jonathan Eberly said...

Cute cats man. I wish I could pet them.