Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Your basic holiday post

HD Xmass Morning Photo.
It's sort of purgatory riding conditions: only the arterials are clear/dry/non-ice. Trails that were slushy yesterday are now gnarly-frozen death traps. Non-broken sections are frozen thick snow. Side streets are rutty-ice. I may go out again in the afternoon.

There is a way to make popcorn in a paper bag in your microwave. Liza knows how.
Clearly, I don't. That pile of ash is where the paper bag burned down. Upon happening on the inferno, Maddie's cool head prevailed: after screaming, "the microwave is on fire," she ran to gather her kittens with the idea of putting them in the cage with the guinea pigs so she could haul the whole lot to safety outside. When she couldn't catch the cats by screaming bloody murder, she decided to attempt to put out the fire, whereupon she ran outside, made snowballs and brought them to me, where I was taking this picture.... cursing my luck at missing the last of the flames.

All and all: pretty much a holiday highlight.

Gratuitous Maddie holiday photo. 


Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

As a wise man once said (well, more than once to be accurate) - "That'll buff out".

Klay said...

I used to set rice cakes on fire all the time.

Pat S said...

The only thing that could have possibly heightened this already grand drama would have been if the kittens had uncateristically responded to Maddie's screams and had come running, only to be plopped into the guinea pig cage, whereby the household stress exerted on a major percentage of the family pets (now confined in one small space) would have caused an epic, fur-flying battle, at exactly the same time you were trying to catch a photo of the flames, instead of actually trying to put them out. I think you got off easy, considering what could have been, given your compounded lapses in judgement. Maybe, hopefully, next time you will just ask Liza to help you with the popcorn . . .

Great post, man. I don't use the term trivially, if ever, but you had me LOL.

Gnat King Cole said...

Popcorn roasting in a microwave
Scaredy cats nipping at your nose
High Drive trails with their ice all aglow
And kids dressed up in reindeer clothes

White Card Training said...

Cute little girl.