Monday, December 31, 2012

Tried and Liked - 2012

 Not a huge list this year. I tried some new stuff (cheap bourbon, mini velo, kindle, more friends moving away, legalized mj, messenger bags, etc) but didn't care much for them. Here's the list of new stuff that I liked:

Solid dude, that Pat.


Stine said...

I,too, became a fan of PBR. On the rocks, with a twist of lemon -- I call it The Mangy Marmot -- nothing better after a long hard day
a) in the kitchen
b) at school
c) on the road
d) couch surfing
e) all of the above

Rachel said...

That's ok, I consider myself a bit of a beer snob, but I like PBR too. It's like the Clearly Canadian of beers: bubbly, sweet, fruity, mild, and you won't feel anything from having one.

nowi in cali :( said...

1) You can't spell student without stud.
2) TJ's and Whole Foods both sell a cheap beer that is as good if not better than PBR. Then again, PBR on draft at Neatto Burrito pretty much rocks.
3) Spokane is a place that is easy to miss. I bet your friends that had to move away are still trying to deal...