Sunday, July 7, 2013

Best free maps for your Garmin with super trail support... wait for it...

Why yes, that is the Jungle Hill Trail. And the Wapaloosie Trail.
Perhaps everyone already knew this, but for those of you, like me, that are not enlightened, check out Northwest Topos from

I've been trying to find a mapset for the Garmin that includes trails and is free. There's a lot of free map stuff on the internet, but none that I've found have good trail support AND are downloadable. This Northwest Topos has both free and trail features. The trails are amazing. Even the HD trails are on there. And more importantly, the feeder trails to the Kettle Crest are also on there.

F yeah. Oh yes. Verily.

Even though this reads like an infomercial, I got no horse in this race . In fact, I plan on paypal'ing a small donation to the Topos people as soon as I finish typing this.