Sunday, July 21, 2013

this is a song with no words, no words ladies and gentlemen. faster faster faster.

Evening ride with friends. Steph, Barney, Liza. Mike, Beth, gNate. 

Steph is leaving in a few weeks. 

Spokane River.
I took a dip here this morning. Not a bad spot. River is perfect temp right now. Swimming in the Spokane River kind of freaks me out -- from a contaminate POV -- so my by "dip," I mean:  Dive in, full submersion, crawl out.

I'm heading up to the other river tomorrow for a few days. Black lines are the rides I want to take. If you feel like a mountain/exploration ride on Tuesday, show up by 7 AM or Monday night.  I really need a buddy/comrade/partner for some of these deeper forest rides. Contact me if you are interested.
Some stuff:
  • Mountain bike has been reworked with the original stem. That short one was too short. It was great for standing climbs, but too twitchy and weird otherwise. I had a front-wheel washout on my ride this morning that I'm blaming on the stem. Yep. I am.
  • Midnight Century "training" is pretty lame. Maybe lamest ever? I'm about 96% certain that I'll be on the Elephant. I'm compelled to remove fenders and lasher rack. I probably will when I get back from the river.
  • I still can't believe how great the Northwest Topos map set is. Man it's great. I've had good map karma lately. I found a lost stash of Colville Nat'l Forest and Ferry County maps this morning. I'm set.
I had a birthday this week. 42. Good number. Maddie gave me this righteous card:
Click for big. There's a lot of detail there to like. 


Bart_Mihailovich said...

Don't worry, you're fine taking a swim in the Spokane River. Just be sure to shower off later.

John Speare said...

Excellent. Thanks Bart. Good to know.

Auggies Guide (AGS) @ Columbia river guide service said...

hmmm. biking is a good exercise, it help us burn our body fats and it's more fun biking with friends. =)

I love that b-day card of yours, it's so cute. Advance happy berrday!

Unknown said...

It is an excellent exercise.

Spovenger said...

No worries about Spokane River water quality.

Poop, urine, and corpses are completely organic.

Anonymous said...

This is Matt. We talked a few times, mostly at Atticus, a while back. I've always been jealous of your forest rides you post and I actually have time to do one if you're OK with letting a guy you barely know accompany you on Tuesday. Call my cell if your interested. 773 512 5742

Maddie said...

Matt. Yes! No phone access. Email me at john at pHred dot org.

Stine said...

oooh. I'll be riding that alternate dirt route to Qfarm on Saturday, I hope. 2pm or so, from Kettle. Other than that epic climb, it looks sweet.