Monday, July 8, 2013

Midnight Century is August 3rd

Every year, during the first week or so of July, I'm surprised by the fact that the Midnight Century is only a month away. I'm like a goldfish that way.

(Btw: The route has been tweaked to end at Central Foods. That's where the clipboard will be to sign in for your time and where we'll have food, coffee, and beer. More info here

FBC Jeff and Coffee Joe are working on a finisher's poster. With some luck it will be done in time. I still have a bunch from last year if you've not gotten yours.)

Even though I'm not working, I'm not riding huge miles. I'm doing a bunch of other stuff and my riding is pretty much utilitarian or some mountain biking. I'll start piling on some miles this week and a few more the following weeks, but I'm not setting out beat my best time this year on the MC.

Last year I was similarly prepared (which is to say, not really prepared at all), and I had a pretty shitty ride because I was running hard trying to maintain a good time. I rode it all solo. The year previous, I also rode a lot of the ride solo.

This year, I plan to fall in with some friends and ride it out as we did in the earlier years. It was a spirited pace, but it was great to roll over the hills with friends to chat with. In 2009, I rode with Willy and we connected with Sully, Ron, and Michael. I don't think I knew any of those guys before riding with them that night, and I don't hang with any of them.  But ever since that ride, when I see any of them, it's a cool connection. Same with Jake and Jonathon, who I see more often. But finishing with them in 2008 was right up there in the top-20 best days of my life.

It's silly to try and recreate the past, but a guy can identify the essential element that makes for such great experiences. So this year I'm going to glom on to a person or group. I'm guessing this will happen around Liberty Lake.

I still need to get some miles in and figure out which bike I'm going to ride (Options 1-3 pictured), but I know for sure I'm going to find a person or group to hang with for the majority of the ride.


Hank Greer said...

See you at the start, John. Hopefully at Central Food afterward.

Justino said...

Option 2 is what, now?
Likewise on the miles. Pick me.