Monday, August 26, 2013

Carhartt Dungarees: three years later

A few years ago I wrote a review of the Carhartt Dungaree pants.

I've got some follow-up things to mention about these pants:

  • The huge thighs in these pants make them excellent for riding.
  • The "Carhartt Brown" version wears into a softer, more comfy pant than the other colors. Not sure why, but they are uber-comfy.
  • Given the overall durability of the pant, the ass seems to blow out prematurely. See butt bone patches above.
  • Otherwise, the pants help up pretty well considering how much I wore them. I wore them just about daily in the fall/winter of 2010 and the fall/winter of 2011. By 2012, the sit bone bits had blown out completely and then other rips started to emerge in the crotch and above the panel on the right leg.
  • Now that I'm in a work environment around other people, I can't do the ripped up/dirty/nasty jean thing every day, so these pants live at the river. I love slipping into them at nights by the fire.
  • I'd like to find a similar pant with a bit more fabric in butt, similar fabric with wide thighs, and "neutral" styling that I can wear at work. Patagonia has a promising pant.


Jay Dub said...

Is "live at the river" some regional slang for "put in the garbage can" that I don't know?

Chris Gnarly said...

It's from an old Spokane spiritual:

I'm going down to the river
Drop my pants onto the sand
Then I'm gonna cross over
I've made it to the promised van

Andre said...

I have a hard time finding pants I like (or rather I have a hard time spending time finding pants I like). Along the lines of hard wearing / cotton pants here are two I have liked.

Wrangler Riggs Ranger

Eddie Bauer- but I can't remember the name. These are similar. Alex and I ended up with the same type of pants unbeknownst to either until we wore them the same day.

I have a hard time letting some clothes go too. Why am I still wearing 10 year old bike shoes when I bought new ones?