Sunday, August 4, 2013

Midnight Century 2013

I didn't ride it. I'm not crazy about not riding it, but I would've been crazy to attempt it, so I'm coming to peace with my loss of mojo.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and remembered riding through Spangle last year at that time of day.

I'm curious to hear the stories: how was the mud on Bruna? How was Central Food hang? Any coffee surprises along the way?

I expect Hank to do a full write up and picture-fest, as he does.

DB talked about having a clipboard at CF to record times. If that happened, that will be the unofficial official. IN the meantime: comment with your time and story. DNF'ers: you too! There will be swag for DNF'ers this year.


Anonymous said...

Greg Schauble 8:20 Salsa Fargo Single speed
Jeff Donovan 8:20 Giant TCX Cyclo cross

We had a great time tempts were a bit chilly especially in valley chapel. Not a lot of mud and the recent rain kept the dust at bay. I had tougher time than last year riding the single speed. We wrote our times at CF as well.

Anonymous said...

Jess Troyer and Jeff Zickler 7:05.

Anonymous said...

Eric Ross at 6:10, Niner hardtail.
Definitely smoother conditions than last year, especially Jennings where I encountered two coyotes on the road, one bailed immediately, the other showed me the way for few blocks before peeling off. Other than that, deer and bunnies were all I saw, angry birds and dogs were all I heard. Breakfast at CF was great, I hope Mr. Blaine accommodates us next year as well...Finally, the posters from last year are great, if someone is doing that again I'd be happy to help offset the costs...or at least give the guy a 6-pack. I don't plan on missing this ride anytime soon.