Friday, August 16, 2013

Liberty Lake Regional Park

Tough riding. The Liberty Lake Trail Loop is a mutha. I went counter-clockwise: coming up the part that I should've gone down. And I should've gone up the western-most trail. A good map is here.

Going up was too hard. It was steep, but I had to walk too much of it. Thinking on it: I guess that's a good shake up for me to realize how far out of shape I've fallen this summer, which makes rides like this less fun. Which is no good. So it's time to get a bit more hard riding in so I can enjoy these kinds of rides.

 The Liberty Lake system is limited, but really nice, especially if you like lots of climbing. The middle trail down is a great, fast, not-too-technical descent. And he Loop trail down is crazy technical -- for me -- I crashed a couple times and had to walk through more sections than I'd like to admit.

 Signage is great.

The point here is to show the little waterfall in the background.

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