Sunday, December 8, 2013

Because Stine asked...

... how I like the pugs so far.

Here's my response:

The pugs is great. But the attention to tire pressure cannot be overstated.

I took it out on the HD trails yesterday morning – tire pressure was prob around 6psi – fairly soft.  On dry trails that made for a sluggish ride: soft cornering, squishy stops… and damn slow. I just chalked it up to the “fat bike” thing and I figured that I’d get into it and really  love it for the snow. But it was hard to love.


We all went to 7 mile for Global Fat Bike day. Pat checked my psi and suggested higher. I ended up with 14 in the rear and 12 up front.  It was like a different bike. Fuckuing rad. Riding trails was a lot like it is on a normal bike – except the contact was insane. You can totally rail into corners because there’s a monster contact patch with huge stiff knobbies spaced far apart. Same with climbing. You can climb up everything w/out spinning out the rear tire. It was amazingly fun. Glen and I were both surprised that fat bieks are actually fun on normal trails.

Trails at 7-mile are great – as you know – lots of rock gardens and blowing a line doesn’t throw you off a cliff (like at HD) and it’s mostly flat, so you can tool around forever. As for lines – you don’t have to be so precise, which lets you go faster and get into cornering, which becomes the best part on these bikes. I never got even a hint of drift or tire rolling… good stuff.

(this part was not in my response to Stine)

After our ride, we stopped at Flying Goat. It was about 2 ish and fairly mellow in there. We told the front desk person were 10 people or so -- she said 30-40 minutes wait and walked away. 

We noticed a big-ass fire outside the bar on an attached patio, which looked like a pretty ideal place to hang out and drink beers. We asked the server about it, he said, "you can go out there, but I won't serve you."


Then we went out there and stood around the fire and noticed a friggin service window -- that goes right to the bar. Attached to the window was a curious sign: "This is not a service window. Please come inside for service." Attached to another door was another sign about how you shouldn't expect service -- or something similar.

It warms my heart to see the Bennidito's business model ("you don't really want beers and food do you?")  is sweeping the city, soon the nation... and eventually, the globe!  Of course this approach drives Pat insane, which is always fun to witness. So we had to take a pic before heading to No-Li, where we drank beers for a few hours reliving the epicness of our 1.5 hour bike ride.


Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

When Flying Goat opened, I was a real fan and booster.

I still like the food, but their service has gotten ever slower over the last couple of years.

It seems that they have staffing one-server-too-few down to a science.

I go there less than I used to, and never with more than four in a group.

Stine said...

Sposervice. Epic.

Anonymous said...

Though I'm in now way associated with them, here's a plug for Brick City Pizza on 29th if you haven't tried it. Much better pie than Benni's (crust that DOESN'T taste like cardboard), and GREAT service. I've never seen them crowded... unfortunate because they deserve to make it.
And nice fatbike, I'm jelly. Eric (MC rider)