Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter bikery

I'm a big fan of fixed-bike with studs for ice biking. Huge fan. Monster fan.
My ancient Velocity Deep-V gave up the ghost last year. So I'm waiting on spokes to build up some CR-18-rimmed wheels for this one. 

Midge. Not high enough. But good enough for 3 months of use. These bars may end up on the Pugsely. Sorry Glen.

First ride on the Pugs. Hard to tell from the pic: but it's cold as shit here.

Cold here too. About 10F. That's Joe. The tiny dot in the distance is Glen.

Hap-hap-happy with a frozen tear in my eye.

"Engage with the statue Maddie!"


Stine said...

love CR-18s. That's what we build for Lynn, because despite the sweet demeanor, she's a beast on wheels...maybe it's all the schtuff in those panniers...

Patrick Sullivan said...


John Speare said...


CR-18's are hard not to love. Cheap, strong, and shiny. Actually, the rear will be a cr-18, and the front one will be a ME14A, which is also Sun. That's one I've never used... but it was cheap and had 32 holes and was in stock. Pretty much the same profile, but 3mm narrower.