Saturday, December 21, 2013

First real snow

I was hoping to get out to Riverside today for a focused session of riding, but I'm happy with what I got in. I spent time tooling around the 'hood this morning when it was cold and the snow was powdery. That's easy riding.

Where the snow has been plowed, it's denser and takes more energy to ride through.
As the day progressed and got a bit warmer, the snow got wetter and sort of slick.

After a couple washouts, I ended up taking air out of the tires, which helped.

I'm going to go hit the HD trails again and see how they feel now.  I suspect they'll be harder to ride and more prone to front-wheel washouts. I rode on a couple errands -- the streets are easy-peasy with these tires. Until now, my main snow riding bike was 2.3" tires on the Rawland

Perfect cold-weather eatin'. Buddy Stine turned me onto an excellent Korean recipe website with a bunch of videos. Oh boy. This is the Dakgalbi (Spicy chicken/veggies). Damn good. And easy. If you make it: double up on the paste, so you have enough for an easy batch the second time you make it.


Patrick Sullivan said...

That looks great. The bike, the land and the food.

Jeff K said...

John, speaking from limited experience...go loooow on the tire pressure, especially the front. My first couple rides in snow I had the tires over inflated (8 psi...ha) and had a couple washouts. I'm now down to 4.5psi front/4.8psi rear for snow/ice rides and it's awesome. You'll feel like a monster truck when you bounce over crap.