Saturday, March 15, 2008

First S24O o' 08

The quick sum up:

Destination: Long Lake

Lot's of rain. A couple good down pours and a lot of of consistent wetness.

I had company: Brent came. Easy guy to travel with. Look at that tiny load he was carrying! I could learn a lot from him.

My toes were numb the entire time I was on the bike. But toasty warm as I slept.
Actually: it was a S27O to be exact.
Slept great: 15F synth bag + 3/4 medium pad + hammock. Slept in til 7AM!


bleckb said...

I'm curious as to how you kept warm and had warm food, assuming you did. Was there wood for a fire? Do you haul a cook stove?

John Speare said...

Normally, I don't build fires, but there was space and plenty of wood, and we were cold/wet, so a fire was nice.
For warm food/tea I carry a jetboil.

Hank Greer said...

I'm for carrying whatever you need to be comfortable. A loaded down bike is slower, but what's the rush?

Anonymous said...

This was my first S24O and thanks John for letting me invite myself along, I had a good time. My load wasn't much smaller than yours, just positioned differently. The key to staying warm in this weather is to grow a beard. I shaved a few weeks ago and holy smokes, it's cold out there. Luckily I managed to grow a little fuzz before this trip. Camping comes down to evaluating what constitutes a real need versus a want. Well, that and don't ride like a racer or you'll miss all the good stuff (and get sweaty and wet and cold). I'm looking forward to doing this once a month or so this summer. I'll try to post on the forum so interested parties can go along.


Anonymous said...

Wow, impressive. I normally have trouble fitting everything in my car when I go camping if it is going to be cold and wet.

I am moving from Portland to Spokane in August, so you will have another bike commuter on the roads.

Apertome said...

Great photos. That looks like a good time, once it gets a bit warmer I'll have to try doing an S24O here.

John Speare said...

Hey Portland-Anon,

Keep in touch. Feel free to email me ( if you need help finding bike/spokane info. I love to help get cyclists here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John! I will do that. So far I have found some good information, including your website.

I'm looking forward to the commute being a little more adventurous than Portland, given lower mode share and snowy winters.