Saturday, March 29, 2008

Phone Pics

I pretty much take all my photos now with my phone. It's convenient because I don't have to haul yet another trinket with me, but sometimes the pictures just suck. Especially low light and snow pics.

I took this photo at about 6:30 am on Friday morning. It's out there by Avista on Upriver Drive. The still river with the red sun rise and the clear coldness was really pretty. You'd never know it by looking at this turd of a picture.

Same deal here: I took this pictures at about 6:30 this morning. I was cutting the first tracks down Madison. I love this time of day, before the rest of the city wakes up on a Saturday morning. Even though the snow is driving me bonkers, it was really pretty out this morning... but a bright clear morning would've been nice too.

I think this is Sucky Bike Rack #5. This is up by Lincoln Heights at the South Side Dr's clinic place on SE Blvd. This sign is literally the only post on the property to lock up to. This clinic is across from Hastings, where a couple folks emailed/commented about the absolute worse bike rack of all time. I went looking for it, hoping to get a photo, but I didn't see it. Maybe they got wise and would rather have no rack than a record-holding sucky one.

The final picture here: the Magnolia street I-90 overpass. I use this a lot. I go to Vien Dong's a couple times a month, and I enjoy riding around the East Sprague/Cheif Gary neighborhoods. To get down there, I go through the South Perry neighborhood and cut through the windy trail through Liberty Park and then over this pedestrian bridge.

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