Sunday, March 23, 2008

More High Driveness

"Big Air" potential

My buddy Joe and I did a quick loop on the High Drive trails this morning. We took the aerobic route: all the way down, then all the way back up. That's a good workout.
For a number of reasons, I plan on spending a bunch more time riding the High Drive trails this year. Probably the most important reason is that it's fun. I put knobbies on my RB-T about a month ago, and I have to say riding these trails is more fun with knobbies, since you can dig in a bit on the swoopy corners and curves that make these trails so fun.

This increase in funness has got me thinking a lot lately about building up a real, honest-to-goodness mountain bike. Not with shocks or anything crazy mind you, but a 26"-wheeled, big fat knobby tired, flat-barred, lots o' gears mountain bike. I'm getting an old chestnut of a frameset back from a friend, so I think it's going to happen this spring.

Chestnut. Click for story

Once I get a mountain bike, it will be fun to go find new rides. My buddy Wade is queued up to show me around the trails at Beacon Hill. Apparently there's also a crew at Mountain Gear that hits these trails once a week or so in the summer. I hope to join them on at least one of those rides too.

I also want to spend some time at Mt. Spokane this year.

Finally, according to Jake and Jonathon, there's also a great trail that goes from White Road (off of 195) and over the hill to Cheney-Spokane road area. A real lung-burner, but it sounds interesting, as it cuts a big swath of privately owned land. It's always interesting to me to see how folks can cobble a trail together that crosses multiple parcels, especially if the trail is legal.

Alex is the king of this: he's found a number dirt/trail routes through the suburban rat's nest of Redmond/Bellevue for his commute.

I'm making slow progress on the High Drive map. But what I have is here. (if you're running Mac, you must view the map with Firefox).

And if you have a favorite trail in the Spokane area that is not documented somewhere, contact me and we'll get it mapped.


Unknown said...

I used to ride off of high drive occasionally with a friend back when I lived in Spokane. Once you hit the neighborhood at the South end you can ride over to Hatch, down to Hangman Valley, and once on Hangman Valley there's a trail that will take you back up the hill.

Michael said...

Do The Test! You'll get the cycling connection at the very end.