Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another One!!

Another bottom bracket crack. First my RB-1 gave up the ghost.

Now my beloved favorite bike of all time with the most soul ever has done the same.

Crud! I did expect this eventually. In fact, I've been abusing this bike for the last year and sort of waiting for the bb, the rear drop out or the chain stay/bb interface to go at any time.

But it sucks, because I've been without this bike since I shanked the rear wheel about a month ago. Liza finished the wheel last night, I had the brakes dialed in, a new XTR 8 spd cassette on there, and put Noodle bars back on there (instead of dirt drops) in anticipation of CX season. Now it's another waiting game. Ugh.

This baby is going to Hairy Gary. I think he can file out the rot/crack and lay
a bead of some hot steel in there and I'll be good for another few years. It just adds to the charm of this beauty. It's a 1991 bike. So it was built in 1990. So that's an 18 year old bike. I've had it for about 4 years and who knows what kind of life it had before I got it. When I got it, the rear canti post had to be replaced, so it's seen some action.


jim g said...

Damn -- sorry to hear that! Bridgestone's production brazers just weren't that hot, huh? Or maybe they were TOO hot. ;)

John Speare said...

Jim: hard to say. I might go with that theory on the RB-1, but on this bike, the majority of the time I rode it over the last 4 years, I weighed about 250 and road this thing everywhere -- lots of hard trails/dirt/washboard/etc.

As I mentioned, I expected this to happen at some point.